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Where can I get a cheap portable hard drives?

portable hard drives from amazon on Iomega Prestige Portable Hard Drive 1TB USB3.0 �54.95 @ amazon + best ...
portable hard drives from amazon image


I want a portable hard drive to take my files, pics and movies with me when I travel, so where is a place to get good quality external portable hard drives for a decent price?


would check out there first

good luck

How do i make a Hitachi 1tb desktop hard drive into a portable hard drive?


I bought a 1tb 7200 RPM hard drive from Hitachi as a replacement for a Maxtor one touch portable hard drive, how would i make the hard drive usable with the portable setup?
I solved my problem i just right clicked my computer storage/disc manager and right clicked the drive and formated it as a new volume now it works perfectly ty

buy a hard drive enclosure. they usually come with USB or esata connections. make sure it's 3.5 inch for a desktop. 2.5 is for a laptop hard drive

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